Naanum Rowdy Dhaan Songs Review

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Neeyum Naanum
Naanum Rowdy Dhaan
Yennai Maatrum Kaadhale
Kannaana Kanne
Varavaa Varavaa

Fresh, addictive OST

After taking some stick for the cocooned work in his previous two albums, Anirudh returns to the fore with a musical feast which is instantly likable. Breaching through a different style of release, the commendable shelf life of the album has been proven, making it one of the composer’s best albums in his discography.

Cast: Vijay Sethupathi, Nayanthara

Music: Anirudh

Lyrics: Vignesh Shivan, Thamarai

Director: Vignesh Shivan

Label: Sony Music 

Thangamey: Singer – Anirudh 

This is Anirudh’s most inventive song in a long time. Along with the enthusiastic vocals, his flow in blending the strong violin phases to an electric backdrop is astoundingly seamless, making it a song you can’t hear just once. Our PICK!

Neeyum Naanum: Singers – NeetiMohan, Anirudh 

Lilting, minimalistic melody which checks all the boxes on its way to haunt you. Thamarai’s wondrous work with the pen gets slotted into a lovely piano-packed tune by Anirudh, as he also finds enough time for percussion. Neeti Mohan is in complete control of things. Another PICK!

Naanum Rowdy Dhaan: Singer – Benny Dayal 

Peppy setup which has a dominant pipe hook at its steering. However, the heavy heard-before feel which we tend to associate with the track is what pulls down the excitement.

Yennai Maatrum Kaadhale: Singers – Sid Sriram, Anirudh 

Once again, it is the lyrics which make a strong mark in a song which has a fluctuating orchestration. Sid Sriram is as good as his earlier songs, drawing in the same feel. The ‘KaththiillaRaththam Illa’ bit from the previous track makes an appearance here too, towards the end. Our PICK!

Kannaana Kanne: Singer – Sean Roldan 

Mellifluous is the word for Sean Roldan’s rendition here, constructing an enchanting aura around the song. Though you cannot help but notice the Santosh Narayanan influence here, KannaaneKanne is an absolutely absorbing melody, you would definitely like to see more of this from Anirudh. Our PICK!

Varavaa Varavaa: Singers – Anirudh, VigneshShivan 

An enjoyable track with a lot of energy embedded within. Throughout the album, VigneshShivan has delivered some quality lyrics, that doesn’t change here too.

Naanum Rowdy Dhaan Songs Review Rating: 4/5

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Written By: Siddarth Srinivas