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Naane Varuvean Movie Review

Dhanush rocks it in dual roles with this clean thriller that works out quite well! Here goes our Naane Varuven Movie Review.

Naane Varuvean Movie Review

A neat and gripping thriller lit up by Dhanush's performance!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Going by the teaser of Naane Varuvean, one would have expected a straightforward thriller where two brothers lock horns, but here – the film brings about an interesting surprise and keeps us pinned with elements that would keep us interested.

The story of Naane Varuven is based out of how two brothers who are split during their childhood, and what makes them track back in life. The film has a gripping first half that is so good to see, with the amount of surprises that it brings forward. The interval bang gives in the cheers that a fan would want, and the second half then moves into what really happened in the past and caused all the trouble. Though the film lacks depth in the second half, the proceedings are not entirely boring and Dhanush’s performance in the top drawer keeps it going. The climax is well planned out and the film does end on a good note.

Dhanush once again delivers a terrific performance that is possible only by him in Tamil cinema – he plays a full blown villain in the name of Kathir and a calm father in the name of Prabhu. In dual roles, the film is benefited big time by the performance of Dhanush who maintains his shape until the end.

Naane Varuven has a fine support act from Indhuja and Elli AvRam and some solid contributions from the younger members of the cast who are so good.

The music by Yuvan Shankar Raja is another big support for the film, with the chilling BGMs working out so well in its favour. The cinematography and edit pattern are functional.

On the whole, Selvaraghavan delivers a fine thriller with Naane Varuvean which throws enough surprises in the first half but has a predictable second that lacks depth. However, the film is worth seeing for Dhanush’s performance and the way in which he carries the characters of the film until the end.  Naane Varuvean Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Naane Varuvean Movie Review Rating: 3.25/5

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