Naan Than Bala Movie Review

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Bala - The righteous man!

Overall, NTB is a laudable attempt from the comedian turned protagonist Vivek. He has delivered a nifty performance and his justification that a penalty awaits for every wrong-doing or sin one does, works well. But the rest didn't impact much as planned by the director.

Cast : Vivek, Venkatraj, Swetha, Mayilsamy, Cell Murugan, Kai Thennavan & Others

Cinematography : Azhagiya Manalavan

Music : Venkat Krishi 

Editing : V. Vijay

Written & Directed by : R. Kannan

Produced by : Lawrence for SSS Entertainments 

Release Date : 13-06-2014

Run Time : 02:13:00 


Vivek is a Hindu priest based out of Kumbakonam, who spends his life serving at the local Perumal temple. He upholds good ethics and is a man of principles. He highly respects human emotions and values. Vivek seeks help to save his aged father from a theft case in the temple opposed to his father’s name, who is taken to custody by the police owing to a misunderstanding. His poverty makes him helpless and finally finds the much-needed support from a local thug Poochi(Venkatraj) who understands his situation and offers monetary help. Unable to bare the humiliation, Vivek’s parents commit suicide as they are subjected in the Agragaram.

Vivek later finds Venkatraj to compensate the debt he owes and happens to stay with the latter where he acquaints Cell Murugan. Vivek finds his love interest Swetha, who sells homemade sweets in the streets. She has fairly done a good job along with two romantic tracks as well. The screenplay looks convincing with some matured writing, explicit screen presence and the best dialogue delivery from the veteran actor Vivek. The support he gets from his fellow actors is less than what should have been really ought to be. Venkatraj who finds a strong relationship with Vivek chips in a good performance. Cell Murugan gets a promotion by taking on the comedy track with the help of the screenplay thereby allowing Vivek to play his role true to the script while his partner takes the complete responsibility to provide giggles which look afresh.

Venkatraj as Poochi enjoys the company of Vivek, hides his identity as thug serving for Kai Thennavan who is the god-father for all the illegal activities. When Vivek finally learns about his beloved friend, what he undertakes to change his friend and the attempt that he takes to make him pay for all the crimes he has done is what Naan Than Bala all about.

Vivek by strongly jumping over his comfort zone, plays a perfect protagonist and  his experience has certainly convinced the audience with a clean show, but the support is rather less from the other cast that turns Naan Than Bala an ordinary show after all. The content is strong and well said by director R.Kannan supported by technicians as well. Venkat krishi music and BGM fulfill the requirements, Cinematography by Azhagiya Manalavan and editing by Vijay are neatly done too.

Naan Than Bala Movie Review Rating: 2.75/5