Naadodigal 2 Movie Review

A watchable social drama that follows the same format of the first part. Below goes our Naadodigal 2 Movie Review.

Naadodigal 2 Movie Review

A watchable drama with good intentions!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

When Naadodigal first came to the screens, it turned out to be a thoroughly entertaining and educative film on a very good and noble thought. With the sequel coming these many years later, it was somewhat interesting to see the topic that Samuthirakani would bring to the table.

Naadodigal 2 is not an exact continuation of the film but is a sequel in spirit with similar characters carrying over. Sasikumar, Bharani and Anjali play 3 friends who make a team to protest against caste issues, and face opposition from the cops and politicians. Things take a wrong turn when Sasikumar’s marriage goes wrong and he comes out trying to correct things with Athulya and Esakki Bharath in the frame. What follows is a film that is on the same lines of the first part, and comes out with just a decent final output.

Sasikumar delivers a fair performance as always, though he could have been a lot better in the emotional scenes. Ably supporting him is Anjali, who has a very strong role to play in the proceedings and is the best person in the cast.

Barani is back in his most loved role, and it’s nice to see him bringing in the laughs at many places. Athulya has a good role to play too, and fits the bill doing her job well. The rest of the cast are apt fits, with a special mention to the lady who plays Athulya’s aunt.

The dongs by Justin Prabhakaran do not work out much but the background score is a big plus for the film, with a special mention to the protest scene. Otherwise, the film is technically standard with nothing great to offer.

Overall, Naadodigal 2 is nowhere close to the first, but it offers some interesting moments in its runtime. Samuthirakani’s ideas are worth considering, but it is the loud presentation that goes over the top and becomes a burden and time moves on and on.  Naadodigal 2 Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Naadodigal 2 Movie Review Rating: 2.75/5

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