“Mysskin breathes cinema,” says Radharavi

Radharavi, who made heads turn with his stellar performance in the recently released horror-comedy Pisaasu, says Mysskin is the most unique filmmaker he has worked with. “Mysskin is most unique. He breathes cinema and is thankfully a person who doesn’t get influenced by others’ judgments. After all, he’d already been told I was difficult to work with,” says Radharavi.

In the film’s best, heart-wrenching scene, Radhravi’s performance was an ultimate tear-jerker and critics have praised it abundantly. But, all Radharavi took was only one shot to complete that touching scene. “During the making of the scene, I even scratched my leg against the sharp corner of a table and bled. I crawled with a knee that was operated upon. The scene was worth the pain,” adds Radharavi.

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