My role will stand out in Peranbu and be remembered for the days to come – Actress Anjali Interview

Being a Tamil speaking actress who has been in the industry for over ten years, Anjali is now a household name with lot of solid films to her credit. After having a rather silent 2018, she is now coming to the fore with three films which are slated for a February release – starting with Peranbu and followed by Lisaa and Nadodigal 2. Only Kollywood caught up with the actress before the release of Peranbu which hits the screens on the 1st of February, talking about her journey so far, career choices and her upcoming slate.

Right from the start, you’ve looked to balance content-oriented and commercial films. Which side is your favorite?

Of course, I love films where I can bring out strong performances. But not all that come to me belong to that category. Even in the commercial films that I do, I search for solid roles which would suit me.

Peranbu is your third film with Ram. How has he changed over the years, evolving as a filmmaker?

In fact, not much has changed about Ram sir. If you take the case of Katradhu Tamizh, it was a film that was well ahead of its time, but people are celebrating it now calling it a classic. Over the years, our taste for cinema might have changed but for sure, Ram sir is a step ahead of the rest. His thought process and stories are always a class apart.

Little about your character in the film.  

Ram sir is somebody who has always handed me great roles. Katradhu Tamizh was one of the best debuts that an actress can ask for, and in Taramani too, he had given me a peculiar character to play. In Peranbu too, my role will stand out and be remembered for the days to come.

Peranbu gave you an opportunity to work with Mammootty sir. You must have a lot to say about the experience.

At first, it was not easy. I was very conscious of being around him, and had to make a mental adjustment to fit into the scene. While acting on set, I didn’t notice the little brownies that he adds to his expressions, but while dubbing I realized how he had elevated the character to the next level with his performance.

What about your upcoming project Lisaa, which is a 3D horror film?

Lisaa is definitely one of the most interesting roles in my career. Contrary to usual horror films, we have avoided many clichés here and have only stuck to the basic skeleton of a horror film while trying to innovate on other aspects. Working for a 3D film is a very challenging experience, because it involves another step apart from the director and the cinematographer. For many shots, we had waited for a long time and went with many retakes in order to get the go-ahead from the 3D camera operator, for the double camera sync.

You are also doing Madhavan – Anushka’s thriller next.

It is also a very whacky project. I will be leaving by the first week of March to the USA, where one-and-a-half months of shoot will take place.

Nadodigal 2 is also on cards, right?

I know I keep saying this, but Nadodigal 2 is once again one of the best roles in my career. It took me back to the golden old days where I get to play a normal, homely girl. The film is not a continuation from the first part, and only carries the franchise forward. It will definitely be an entertaining watch.

We wish you the best Anjali, for all your upcoming projects!