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My anti-piracy war is for the industry: Vishal


Vishal has been one of the forerunners in fighting against piracy which plagues the industry to unimaginable levels. According to Vishal, piracy cuts short a producer’s revenue by nearly 40% and it is only expected to go high as time goes on. “People from across the industry come together for a Cauvery issue or for tax exemption, but barely anyone comes forward to support an anti-piracy movement. Producers who have no trouble spending Rs. 2.5-3 lakh on success meets, are reluctant to spend Rs. 54,000 on sending that pirated DVD to a lab to find out which theatre it was copied in,” says Vishal.

“I know for a fact that my movie will release on January 14 and by the next morning, the pirated DVD will be in my hands. All this anti-piracy stuff that I’m doing is not for political mileage or publicity. I’m doing it for this industry. There are some who understand that, I can’t do anything about the others,” adds Vishal who is gearig up for the release of Aambala on January 15th.


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