Mundasupatti – Songs Review

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Uchiyila Udhichavane
Kadhal Kanave
Rasa Magarasa (Duet Version)
Ambala Singam
Idhu Enna
Rasa Magarasa (Solo Version)
Killadi Oruthan


And that's a hat-trick for Sean Roldan. One of the exciting composers to have reached the shores of Tamil cinema after in recent times after Santhosh Narayanan. A musician to watch out for!

Cast: Vishnu, Nandita

Director: Ram

Music: Sean Roldan

Label: Think Music

  • Uchiyila Udhichavane – Quintessential village folk number. An interesting tune and works reasonably well
  • Kadhal Kanave – Lovely duet, simplistic composition and Sean’s dexterity in Violin is amazing. Kalyani Nair’s voice is the one to watch out for. Looks like a promising singer and she is on a roll. If Santhosh Narayanan’s favorite is Pradeep Kumar, Sean Roldan’s favorite seems to be Kalyani Nair. Hope they continue to deliver beautiful melodies in future
  • Rasa Magarasa (Duet Version) – An enticing number and a delightful rendition. Totally addictive and infectious. Our PICK of the album!
  • Ambala Singam – Catchy tune, engaging vocals by Sean and adequately supported by Haricharan. Worth a listen
  • Idhu Enna – An engrossing tune and wonderfully sung by Haricharan and Kalyani Nair. The violin prelude in the background is quite reminiscent of NR Raghunanthan’s Para Para Para song from Neerparavai
  • Rasa Magarasa (Solo Version) – Merely the same as the duet version. But, Sean Roldan rules here more as a singer than a composer
  • Killadi Oruthan – Anthony Dasan’s peculiar rendition adds some flavor to the song’s mood, but not so impressive. A passable track, albeit