Moone Moonu Vaarthai is a wonderful opportunity: Aditi Chengappa

Aditi Chengappa, who plays the female lead in Moone Moonu Varthai directed by Madhumitha, says the film is a wonderful opportunity. “I had a wonderful time shooting for this film, although it was challenging. This is my first bilingual movie. I play a character called Anjali, who is independent and has a job of her own. I play a matured girl, who knows what she wants from life,” says Aditi. 

“Since we were shooting both Tamil and Telugu simultaneously, it definitely tested my linguistic abilities. More than this the shuffling between the two male leads were the most challenging. There were two different heroes for Tamil and Telugu. To play romance to two different people more or less around the same moment was very embarrassing. My friends use to bully me over this. Though it was just acting, to blow hot and cold simultaneously to two different people was challenging. But I’m glad I had this opportunity to experience it, I have learned a lot from the whole process,” adds Aditi.

Aditi Chengappa also raves about her director Madhumitha as one of the most patient and calm directors she has worked with. “Shooting sets can often be very chaotic and stressful. She kept her cool throughout and made sure we were able to perform with all ease,” says Aditi who also thanks producer Charan for this wonderful opportunity.