Meyaadha Maan Songs Review

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Thangachi Song
Enna Naa Seiven
Address Song
Enga Veetu Kuthuvilakke
Rathina Katti:
Nee Mattum Podhum
Megamo Aval

Captivating, tuneful soundtrack.

Together, Santosh Narayanan and Pradeep Kumar stack up a catchy mix of melodies and kuthu songs for Meyaadha Maan. The album offers a wondrous mix of variety, dipped in eclectic, exciting tunes that should hit the marquee more often than not.

Cast: Vaibhav, Priya Bhavani Shankar

Music: Pradeep Kumar & Santhosh Narayanan

Lyrics: Rathna Kumar, Vivek

Direction: Rathna Kumar

Label: Think Music

Thangachi Song: Composer – Santosh Narayanan, Singers – Anthony Daasan, Santosh Narayanan

An incredibly catchy start to the album, which has gone viral quickly. Vivek’s hilarious but true lyrics to very well along with Santosh’s tune, which is a template but still effective one. Our PICK.

Enna Naa Seiven: Composer – Pradeep Kumar, Singer – Pradeep Kumar

In his first composition for films, Pradeep Kumar makes an enchanting debut with a fairly simple but lovely song which has its vocals in the perfect place. The guitars, you gotta fall for them. Our next PICK.

Address Song: Composer – Santosh Narayanan, Singer – Santosh Narayanan

One of the funniest songs in recent times, the Address Song works on a jolly concept with Santosh Narayanan’s lethargic rendition fitting the drunk state. If this one doesn’t make you laugh, I don’t know what will. One more PICK. 

Enga Veetu Kuthuvilakke: Composer – Santosh Narayanan, Singer – Ka Ka Bala

A foot-tapping gaana song which again, will click for its lyrics. Santosh Narayanan is beginning to compose these street-side songs with ease, and with Ka Ka Bala’s vocals, things get comfortable.

Rathina Katti: Composer – Santosh Narayanan, Singer – Dhee 

The mandatory minimalistic track which Santosh Narayanan is special at, as he ropes in Dhee once again after the superb Usuru Narambula. Will appeal big time to pure music lovers.

Nee Mattum Podhum: Composer – Pradeep Kumar, Singers – Sid Sriram, Dharshana KT 

Wonderfully put together romantic number which escalates beautifully along with the duo’s vocals. It’s the kind of music which can brighten up your day at will. Well done, Pradeep Kumar! One more PICK. 

Megamo Aval: Composer – Santosh Narayanan, Singers – Pradeep Kumar, Ananthu

Uplifting is the word for this fantastic track where Pradeep Kumar scores with the vocals deeply. Santosh once again brings forward a lilting background, which helps the listener concentrate on the lyrics wholly. The final PICK.

Meyaadha Maan Songs Review Rating: 3.5/5

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Written By: Siddarth Srinivas