Maximum ticket price will be Rs. 150 henceforth, says Vishal

The office bearers of Tamil Film Producer Council had a brief meeting with all the producers of Tamil film industry followed by the press and media interaction session here in Chennai now.

During the press meet, Vishal, President of Tamil Film Producer Council said, “We are really thankful to Tamil Nadu Government, Honourable Chief Minister Edappadi Palanisamy, Honourable Cabinet Ministers Kadambur Raju and Veeramani and everyone for being so much support in our crucial need. It’s been 30 days no shooting was held and 47 days without any new releases. At this juncture, we are so much thankful to the entire Tamil Film Producers for being supportive. Especially, FEFSI Leader RK Selvamani and all the workers for being patient during the critical situation. They all waited till our mission had to be accomplished and we owe them a lot.”

Recollecting the minutes of the meeting that happened yesterday (April 17), Vishal continued to add saying, “It all started as a debate among us yesterday and finally we all became united with the theatre owners to get the need done. It is worth mentioning that the theatre projection comprises of two classifications – D Cinema and E Cinema. This is something that we have been fighting for nearly four years and it’s getting accomplished now. Around 1200 theatres out here in Tamil Nadu, around 550 of them is comprised of E-Cinema projection. It’s going to be a weekly pay of 5000 rupees, which was earlier 9000. We would say that it is going to be a big boon for the small and medium budget producers.”

“Moreover, we are planning with all efforts to regularize certain things from June 1 that includes the transparency in ticketing. In addition, the collection reports of every film along with the ticket sales along with the ‘HEAD COUNT’ into theatres would be made available as information. There is yet another issue that has been prevailing in the theatre business that includes additional charges on ticketing that goes around 30rs, which in addition to the new GST charges has been playing a burden on audiences. We have been taking special initiatives to regularize this as well. The Tamil Nadu Government will be helping us to subsidize the rates and on pars, Tamil Film Producer Council will be making its own way of bringing some change in the scenario. This will involve the transaction charges of around 4-5 rupees for the ticketing. The process of bringing this into action has already commenced. The flexibility of tickets will be made ranging between Rs.50 to Rs.150. No theater would sell a ticket for a price more than Rs. 150 going forward,” he explained further.

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