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Market Raja MBBS Movie Review

Saran rehashes his own films, this time with a supernatural twist. Below goes our Market Raja MBBS Movie Review.

Market Raja MBBS Movie Review

A laid-back entertainer that is fun in parts.

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Saran’s films in the gangster drama space have all come with the same formula, thanks to the comic elements that he infuses in them with skill. His latest offering in Market Raja MBBS is an attempt at a fun-filled outing that has a balance of funny moments and some rough patches too. The film is a rehash of the director’s mass comedy genre, this time with a supernatural element too.

Arav plays Market Raja, a hot-headed don with a lot of associates, both good and bad. He seems to be putting them off a little too easily with both his brain and brawn. On the other side is a track featuring a very timid college student who is in love with Kavya Thapar, his college mate. What happens when both these characters play criss-cross is what the film is all about, and it is narrated in Saran’s own style with a big load of eccentricity all over. There is a lot of color and josh in his narrative, but wish it was loaded with some more sense as well, to make it all the more engaging.

While Arav is okay in the role, one does feel that it would have been better if a hero with more acting chops would have been put into the film. Radikaa’s scenes here are all fun, while the rest of the cast is packed with people who don’t make a mark but for Chaams who gets a few good one liners.

The film is made better thanks to Simon King’s songs and background score, which are the biggest plus. Dha Dha, Kannale and the cues in the BGM are very enjoyable on the whole.

Toting up, Market Raja is an average comedy drama that differs marginally from the films in the genre we have seen till date.  Market Raja MBBS Movie Review by Only Kollywood

Market Raja MBBS Movie Review Rating: 2.75/5

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