Mapla Singam Songs Review

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Vandhaaru Vandhaaru
Edhuvume Thonala
Edhukku Machan
Oru vaati
Oruvaati Reprise
Kaara Karunaa

Pleasant, sans any novelty

Mapla Singam is a decent effort from NR Raghunanthan, to say the least. With simple music that is easy on the ears, the composer has made sure there is something for the target audience too.

Cast: Vimal, Anjali, Soori

Music: NR Raghunanthan

Lyrics: Yuga Bharathi

Direction: Rajasekar

Label: Sony Music


Vandhaaru Vandhaaru: Singer – Jayamoorthy

A folk-based intro song which is reminiscent of those from the Vijaykanth films. It has all the elements that a track needs to click at the C centres.

Edhuvume Thonala: Singer – NareshIyer 

Naresh Iyer completely owns this track, which has an earthy tune set to an appealing beat. Our PICK.

Edhukku Machan: Singers – Velmurugan, Aalaap Raju 

A simple kuthu song which has two contrasting opinions on love. The lyrics make this a passable listen.

Oru vaati: Singer – NareshIyer

A charming little love track which is carried out beautifully by NareshIyer.

Oruvaati Reprise: Singer – Vandana Srinivasan

A female version of the previous track, which much better vocals from Vandana. A pleasant, harmless listen, if not anything else.

Kaara Karunaa: Singers – MLR Karthikeyan, Kalpana

A mainstream folk number which doesn’t do much to impress.

Mapla Singam Songs Review Rating: 2.5/5

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Written By: Siddarth Srinivas