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Mapla Singam Movie Review

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Fun Factor

Watchable mainstream show!

Overall, Mapla Singam is a watchable entertainer from director Rajasekhar, despite the unavoidable familiarity.

Cast: Vemal, Anjali, Soori & others

Cinematography: Tharun Balaji

Music: NR Raghunanthan

Editing: Vivek Harshan

Dialogues: Don Ashok

Written & Directed by: N Rajasekhar

Produced by: Escape Artists Motion Pictures

Release Date: 11-03-2016

Run Time: 02:10:00

With a honest approach to create a crowd-pleaser when blessed with an ensemble star-cast and a good team, debutant director Rajesekhar makes fine use of the opportunity to etch out a passable rural entertainer named Mapla Singam.

Vemal, who is a saleable star in the Bs and Cs fits like a tee into the titular role, as the goodie-two-shoes with a touch of smirk and sense of humour. Along with Soori who plays the sidekick, the duo erect enough comics to keep the crowd entertained. Anjali, who dons the coat of a rookie lawyer comes in as the female lead, with less glamour and more dialogues in her sheet. Mapla Singam also has Radha Ravi in a pivotal role, with a surrounding cast with enough room for mother and sister sentiments, comedy and even a foreigner who brings in some novelty.

Vemal and Anjali come off as a fun pair, with their combination scenes being the highlight. Kaali Venkat, Soori and Ramadoss chip in with humour, though it is not always enjoyable, wearing out at places.

Technically, the film checks the boxes of a rural entertainer, though the requirement is pretty low-lying. NR Raghunandhan’s music, especially the Edhuvume Thonala number is enjoyable, but the song placements act as speed-breakers.

Mapla Singam Movie Review Rating: 2.5/5

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