Manisha out from IPE

Earlier news and reports demanded Manisha Yadav to play the lead with Vijay Sethupathi in Idam Porul Eval directed by Seenu Ramasamy. The actress got her shocking moments when she was uncertainly dumped from the project and to be noted, the actress was a part of Valukku Yen 18/9 a National Award winning movie by Balaji Sakthi Vel and the actress shifted gears with Jannal Oram.

Idam Porul Eval team started their schedule in Kodaikanal on march 3rd and as planned Manisha acted in a couple of scenes with rural Tamil dialogues that was given to her ,which she fairly did well claims her mother to the reporters.  The next day Manisha was asked to leave and later was shocked to be dumped out of the project for no reason.

Manisha yadav seems very disappointed with this issue and she has sacrificed two projects that were from the Telugu industry to pair the most happening star Vijay Sethupathi. Now the actress has filed a complaint in the Nadigar Sangam on this issue demanding for compensation from the production house.

The National award winning director Seenu Ramasamy stated that Manisha is definitely a talented girl, but the problems is that the actress is sophisticated with the looks that the character demands but has was offered an another role from the movie. The actress and her mother finds it hard and demaned that she (Manisha) has signed the agreement only to oppose Vijay Sethupathi and not Vishnu who is the other hero in this flick. Contrary to all this gossips the solutions has to come out from the Nadigar Sangam to push in more updates.

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