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Malaysia to Amnesia Movie Review

MS Bhaskar is the star in this bearable entertainer from Radha Mohan. Below goes our Malaysia to Amnesia Movie Review.

Malaysia to Amnesia Movie Review

A cool, timepass entertainer that could have been better!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Radha Mohan’s films are those which always capture the hearts of the family audiences, as they deliver solid content when it comes to emotions and comics. The director is back with Malaysia to Amnesia, a Zee5 original film which has been completely shot during the pandemic. Predominantly limited to the insides of a community in Chennai, the film tries its best to deliver a good load of laughs.

Arun (Vaibhav) is a businessman who has a family of 3 in Chennai, but also has a girlfriend in Bengaluru. As his wife Sujatha’s (Vani Bhojan) uncle comes down from the countryside, Arun decides to go meet his girlfriend in Bengaluru by lying that he is going to Malaysia on a business trip. But an unexpected twist in his plans makes him act out as an amnesia patient, only to lead to further confusions.

Radha Mohan has penned this film keeping in mind the constraints during the pandemic, so the entirety of the situations are based on visual humor, ripostes and conversations.

The film plods along decently in the first half, with a decent amount of jokes here and there, though they arent big ones. The second half does drag around, but things are brought back to the center in the form of some emotional stretches at the end.

All the members of the cast in the film do a decent job, though there is nothing extraordinary that one can expect. MS Bhaskar takes over the job of reciting the jokes in the film, and he does that with elan.

Technically, the film is fine in terms of its cinematography, music and editing too.

On the whole, Malaysia to Amnesia is a timepass entertainer to help you ease your boredom during the pandemic. The film is not a rip-roaring entertainer and should have been funnier, but might quench your thirst to watch a Tamil film at this point in time.  Malaysia to Amnesia Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Malaysia to Amnesia Movie Review Rating: 2.5/5

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