Maayon Movie Review

Sibi delivers one of his better films with Maayon, a watchable drama. Down goes our Maayon Movie Review.

Maayon Movie Review

An inventive sci-fi drama that is mostly engaging.

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Films that deal with adventures are quite rare in our industry, but finally, there seems to be a break into that genre, with Sibiraj’s Maayon which has hit the screens today. The film is an engaging drama that blends multiple elements such as mythology, science fiction and history into one, delivering a watchable outing.

Arjun (Sibiraj) comes in as an important person in the archeological department, but later do we know that he is one who steals artefacts and idols from India’s temples and sells it for money. Along with Devaraj (Hareesh Peradi), Arjun keeps himself busy and plans something big as he wants to enter the big temple nearby and get a hold onto the jewels in the treasure cave below. Along with a few other teammates, Sibi sketches out a plan and goes in, only to meet many surprising characters and events thereon.

Sibi delivers a neat performance, and Maayon is definitely one of the better films that he has given us in the recent past. Tanya does a fine job in the role of the heroine, and there are good shows from Bucks, KS Ravikumar and Hareesh Peradi.

The script of Maayon penned by producer Arun Mozhi Manickam is something interesting for sure. With a nice blend of genres, the writer in him has managed to keep the audience engaged to the screen, though some of the events feel a little too tough to believe. The film moves at the right pace, and there is a lot of research work done in the first half to prove their points. In the second half, the film becomes more of a sci-fi thriller that tries to do many different things but succeeds in few alone. However, there is a fitting commercial end that the team try to arrive at, and that might somewhat help the film.

The film benefits from Isaignani Ilaiyaraaja’s very good background score, though the songs are downers. The cinematography and editing works are functional.

Maayon is definitely a watchable film, though the directorial efforts could have better. The use of stock footage and the needless boo-boo round the concept is too old-school, and could have been avoided. Nevertheless, a neat watch.  Maayon Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Maayon Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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