Lingusamy deserves better!

The incessant trolling of director-producer Lingusamy on social media platforms over the past few days has become monotonous and already reached a saturation point, at least by now. We quite agree that it was pretty amusing over the weekend when someone started the proceedings, but the level of disparaging remarks he’s been subjected to solely to evoke laughter is plainly appalling to say the least. Anjaan was not upto the mark, agreed. The sure-footed marketing and cocksure anecdotes in interviews across-the-board were also among the many reasons for the film’s tepid stint at the box-office since the expectations of the audiences were manifold. Nitpicking a particular interview and choosing a part of it to ostentatiously exhibit your creativity with the help of instant meme-creating tools is absolutely fine. But, it’s high-time we stopped feeling proud for being profane. Cease this perpetual flaming and personal attacks on him in the name of creativity. 

Lingusamy deserves better. One bad film doesn’t make him a blasphemer. There are worse rabble-rousers in Tamil cinema than him. He’s directed Maddy’s Run, a trendsetting commercial film and Sandakozhi, arguably Vishal’s best. As a producer, Thirupathi Brothers is the most successful production house this year. Goli Soda and Sathuranga Vettai – two highly celebrated films of this year saw the light of day, thanks to Lingusamy. He has successfully distributed, marketed and backed those films which had no big-names to seek support for. He also produced one of this year’s highly-acclaimed art-house films – Inam, and without batting an eyelid, he pulled back the film from theaters in three days since there were protests saying ‘the film hurts the sentiments of Tamils’. He showed respect for those sentiments but little did he bother about the losses incurred.

Lingusamy, as a producer, also revived the sagging career of filmmaker Balaji Sakthivel by co-producing Vazhakku En 18/9 which fetched a national award for the Best Feature Film in Tamil for the year 2012. He also provided the launchpad for Vikram Prabhu in Kumki. His upcoming films as a producer include Kamal Haasan’s Uttama Villain, Seenu Ramasamy’s Idam Porul Eval and an untitled project with Balaji Sakthivel. He is also producing Vinoth’s (Sathuranga Vettai fame) next and another project with a debutant filmmaker. Lingsusamy is currently busy with the pre-production work of Karthi’s Yenni Yezhu Naal.



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