Leo – Producer Lalit reveals plan to position the film as a biggie!

In a recent interview, producer Lalit of 7 Screen Studio has revealed that there are a lot of plans to make LEO positioned as a Pan-Indian film. “Initially, Vijay sir wanted to do this as a film for Tamil audiences alone. But we saw a really big potential in it, and decided to go ahead as a Pan-Indian film, and that is why we roped in actors like Sanjay Dutt also.”

The producer revealed that he is having major plans to take the film deep into the pockets of the North Indian audiences too. “After the launch of the first look teaser, I put paper ads in popular Hindi newspapers to present the film to North Indian audiences. I am also taking a lot of steps to reach the film to audiences in states such as Bihar and UP.” Leo is all set to hit the screens on the 19th of October 2023.

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