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Lawrence’s Muni 3 on the verge of completion

Directed by Raghavan Lawrence, Muni franchise is a successful horror series in K’town. Unlike the first two parts Muni and Muni 2: Kanchana which are dubbed in Telugu, Muni 3: Ganga is a bi-lingual made in Tamil and Telugu simultaneously. Taapsee who plays the lead role in the film has opened up in length about the film and her experience on sets in a daily.

I was initially hesitant to take up this film. But I liked the character and it was too challenging for me to miss out on it. I told Lawrence that I wouldn’t watch the film or attend its screening. However, he wasn’t convinced about my reasons for not watching the film. So, after every shot, he would ask me to come to the monitor to check it out. He told me it was his way of making me warm up to the horror setting.He keeps telling me that since I’ve seen the film in parts, it shouldn’t be a big deal to watch the entire film.” The team is currently shooting the final schedule of the film in the lanes of ECR.