Kodiyil Oruvan Movie Review

Vijay Antony is spectacular in this entertaining tale of one-man upmanship against evil. Here goes our Kodiyil Oruvan Movie Review.

Kodiyil Oruvan Movie Review

A punchy mass entertainer that delivers the goods! 

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Director Ananda Krishnan’s debut in Metro was a fast-paced thriller on chain snatching and gangsters. Set in an almost similar milieu as the first film, his second film in Kodiyil Oruvan is a bigger one on corruption and how one man leads a major mission when he is surrounded by such dirty minds.

Kodiyil Oruvan is the story of Vijayaraghavan, an IAS aspirant who lands to Chennai with a big aim. However, the locality that he finds a home is as unclean as it can get, and Vijayaraghavan starts to set things straight, starting with the way the garbage is put out in the area. The film moves on in episodic fashion, with the character slowly finding its foot and fans and becoming a major figure, beating all the odds and oppositions.

The beauty of Kodiyil Oruvan is in how the film can take up a socially charged subject and make many interesting scenarios out of it. The film projects Vijay Antony as a multi-tasker, but also does the multi-tasking job of bringing in the commercial elements every now and then.

While the first half is apt and goes at the right pace, the second half has a long procedural which might test the patience of the audience. However, the climax stretch makes up for it all.

What Vijay Antony brings to Kodiyil Oruvan is special. While it is not his best performance till date, the actor brings in a lot more energy than usual and makes this a memorable act. While Aathmikaa’s support isnt great, Vijay receives fantastic aids from his supporting cast ranging from the long list of baddies to the people in the area.

Nivas Prasanna’s music is good enough but the background score is a big noise fare and does not add to the intensity of the film, only making it louder. The film benefits from its cinematography and editing style, which are advantageous to it.

On the whole, Kodiyil Oruvan is a very good commercial entertainer in today’s times. Reminding us of films such as Dhill and Dhool, Ananda Krishnan’s new film brings lot of good dialogues, action sequences and mass elements together.  Kodiyil Oruvan Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Kodiyil Oruvan Movie Review Rating: 3.25/5

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