Kaththi: Minjur Gopi files a complaint against AR Murugadoss in Madras High Court

Vijay’s Kaththi is entangled in myriad number of troubles from all quarters. Now, a person named Gopi from Minjur has filed a complaint against AR Murugadoss that Kaththi’s story was originally conceived by him and AR Murugadoss even promised to bankroll the project, but later abandoned him. “In my village, a multi-national company cheated people by acquiring their lands at trashy prices. I penned a story titled Mooththa Kudi based on it. When I narrated the story to AR Murugadoss, he wanted me to tweak the subject as a double-hero subject and comeback. Later, he promised me that he himself will produce the film,” says Gopi.

“I worked on fine-tuning the script for more than a year, but eventually Murugadoss said he could not afford to produce the film and we moved on. Now, from reliable sources in the industry, I have come to know that Kaththi’s story is the same as Mooththa Kudi I narrated to Murugadoss two years back,” says Gopi. Advocate Shankar has been appointed to oversee the case. He will examine in the coming days the script of AR Murugadoss’s Kaththi and Gopi’s Mooththa Kudi and will deliver his final decision on the case.

We hope the film survives all acid tests and come out clean for a cracking Diwali release.