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Kathir Movie Review

Tamil cinema once again comes to the fore with a simple and sweet feel-good drama. Down goes our Kathir Movie Review.

Kathir Movie Review

A neat and sweet feel-good drama that manages to impress!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

It’s been a while since Tamil cinema has dropped some good feel-good films, with Kadaisi Vivasaayi being the last one to come close to the genre. And thankfully now, Kathir – a film from debutant Dhinesh Palanivel, comes off as an interesting film that is able to provide some jolly moments and heartwarming ones as well.

Kathir (Venkatesh Appadurai) is a youngster who fits the tag of carefree, roaming around without any big responsibility in his life. However, a series of incidents in his life change him as a person and he goes onto become a successful entrepreneur. The film tackles this simple one-liner with lot of sweet moments that take up the narrative in an interesting fashion.

Apart from the incidents that take place in the protagonist’s life, there is also a college love track between Bhavya Trikah and Santhosh Prathap, which ups the ante. The film does not constantly pave way to messages or preaching, but there is an element which always flows with respect to lessons on being responsible, college fun while also talking about farming.

Venkatesh Appadurai does a very good job in the titular role, with him getting great support from Rajini Chandy, the house owner who is an important supporting character in the proceedings. The college segment is made likeable and that is also due to Prashant Pillai’s lovely song pictured on Bhavya and Santhosh.

The film also has a fairly good visual design, with the background score too coming in with some good theme tracks from time to time.

On the whole, Kathir is a watchable feel-good drama that has a fair share of moments that will make you smile.  Kathir Movie Review by Only Kollywood

Kathir Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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