Karu Pazhaniappan learns Silambam for Kallan

Filmmaker Karu Pazhaniappan plays an important role in ‘Kallan’, directed by journalist turned filmmaker Chandra, who makes her directorial debut through this film. Shedding light on the film, Chandra says, “Ever since the story was crafted and branched out into the scripting and sketching characterizations, I strongly felt Karu Pazhaniappan sir would befittingly suit the role. Moreover, the positive vibes enlarged as he instantly gave a nod after listening to my script. He didn’t stop merely agreeing to be a part of this film but started preparing for the role by hitting the gym regularly and underwent Silambam training as well. He took additional efforts of going through the research I did for the story to get more imbibed to the ambiance and climate of the film.”

She added: “The story is a fictional tale set against the backdrops of two different time periods: one in 1988-89 and another one by 1975 that involves few flashback portions. The film is about a youngster dwelling in a village near Theni, who knows nothing other than hunting for his livelihood. Things take an abrupt change when the Government imposes a ban on hunting. It’s when the protagonist and his pals start manufacturing guns they used for hunting, which turns out to be a disastrous business too. With no options left to fill their pockets, they decide to loot money and wealth from the rich people. On one such incident, they bounce up an unexpected event that changes their course of life.”

Kallan features Nikita and Maya in female lead roles and to everyone’s surprise, they are the only female characters in the movie. Nama Narayanan and Soundara Raja will be seen playing important roles in this movie.

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