Kanchana 3 (Muni 4) Movie Review

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Fun Factor & Horror Elements
Technical Aspects & Music

A satisfying crowd pleaser!

On the whole, Kanchana 3 is an entertainer on the same page as the previous films in the franchise. Watch it if you can handle such films without thinking about the logic or the OTT manner. 

Cast: Raghava Lawrence, Kovai Sarala, Sriman, Devadarshini, Oviya, Vedhika, Nikki Tamboli, Soori, Kabir Singh and others

Cinematography: Vetri

Music: Doo Paa Doo

Editing: Ruben

Art Director: R. Janardhanan

Stunts: Super Subbarayan

Written & Directed by: Raghava Lawrence

Release Date: 19-04-2019

Following the same pattern as the Muni and Kanchana films we have seen until now, the latest instalment in the series has the same palette of horror comedy which can pull in the crowd to theatres at the start of the summer season. People out there are most likely to enjoy this brand of entertainment from Raghava Lawrence.

Lawrence has chosen the right path and to get that straight, he has started off from the spot where he left off, compiling his new story with the usual comic elements that take place with the trio of Sriman, Kovai Sarala and Devadarshini. This chapter is different from Kanchana 2 in terms of its storyline, but the narrative pattern and the elements put in here are pretty much the same, not compromising on the thrills and emotions.

The first half is packed with hilarious comedy sequences as Lawrence balances his narration with terrifying horror sequences which are sure to bring in the thrills. With the three heroines in Vedhika, Oviyaa and Nikita along with the huge supporting cast, he makes it really entertaining for the mass audiences, despite being mindless. The second half gets into a serious mode, when Lawrence’s flashback portion as the do-gooder Kaali is unveiled. This particular part is similar to Lawrence’s real life image, with the surroundings packed with a trust, orphans, needy etc. The flashback portion has a lot of moments which bring up the cheers from the audiences, and post that, the film travels on a revenge mode.

Technically, Kanchana 3 is alright with the action and the horror portions making use of lots of CGI. While the BGM is neat enough, the songs are all middling and could have been better.

Kanchana 3 (Muni 4) Movie Review Rating: 2.75/5

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