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Kanam Movie Review

Amala is terrific along with Sharwa in this beautiful tale of a mother-son relationship! Down goes our Kanam Movie Review.

Kanam Movie Review

A solid emotional tale that connects strongly and is worth watching!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Feel-good dramas in Tamil cinema are coming by one by one, and just a few weeks after the release of Thiruchitrambalam, we have another lovely film in the form of Kanam. Shreekarthick’s debut here is a beautiful film that skillfully merges a time travel element and a strong mother sentiment angle into it.

Adi (Sharwa) is a nice human being who is blessed with the talent of a great singer, but he has one big problem, he can’t sing on stage in front of a crowd. As his girlfriend too helps in this regard, he is unable to face his fears because he still misses his mother who died in a car crash 20 years ago. However, a time travel experiment from Paul (Nasser) helps him travel back in time to meet his mother, but an unexpected twist comes in the way and changes things, making him and his friends learn a lot about their pasts and futures.

The film has a quite slow and breezy first half that introduces us to the characters well. After the time travel incident, it picks up very well and sparks once Amala enters the scene. With her gentle yet amazing presence, there is a lot to like in the film until it leads itself to the superb interval twist. Going on from there, Kanam has a wonderful set of scenarios which help it become a splendid movie on the whole. Shreekarthick’s connections in the tale work out very well, and there are a lot of lovely moments that make us realize a lot of things too.

Kanam has a very good performance from Sharwanand, who does a great job when it comes to emoting in the important scenes with his mother. Casting Amala as the mother is a brilliant choice as she does full justice to the role, and brings out a class act.

The film also has very good performances from Sathish and Ramesh Thilak, who have full-fledged roles and are not just the hero’s friends. Ritu Varma has a couple of crucial scenes in the second half, while Nasser also has a fine part.

The music by Jakes Bejoy may not have hit numbers, but it is comforting on the whole, and catapults the film into a softer zone. The cinematography and editing are neat, and have been executed to greater effect with the help of quality VFX.

On the whole, Kanam is an impressive debut from Shreekarthick, who makes a mark despite few errors here and there and some pacing issues. The film is a neat and lovely time travel tale that its emotional content soaring. See it this weekend!  Kanam Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Kanam Movie Review Rating: 3.5/5

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