Kaatrin Mozhi Songs Review

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Dirty Pondatti
Po Urave
Kelambittaley Vijaylakshmi
Rekkai Thulirtha
Po Urave Suite

Breezy, charming listens.

With two really worthy songs, AH Kaashif makes a laudable feature film debut as a composer in Kaatrin Mozhi. There’s a slight maturity in his music which is very likeable. Po Urave is the specific track that will not leave your playlist easily.

Cast: Jyotika, Vidharth

Music: AH Kaashif

Lyrics: Madhan Karky

Director: Radha Mohan

Producer: Dhananjayan Govind

Dirty Pondatti: Singers – Benny Dayal, Swagatha S. Krishnan

Believing that this is Ban Ja Tu Meri Rani’s Tamil equivalent, it works very well. Benny Dayal has to set aside his full force, and does that to good effect with a restrained rendition. It’s a noise-free, harmless listen that gets better with the passing day. Our Pick. 

Po Urave: Singer – Sid Sriram

Sid Sriram and Kaashif share a great rapport with their recording sessions and singles earlier, so this song looks enticing on the tracklist itself. And expectedly, it comes out as the best song of the soundtrack. Madhan Karky’s work deserves a special mention in addition to Kaashif’s tune which sucks you in with its simplicity. Our Pick. 

Kelambittaley Vijaylakshmi: Singer – Nakul Abhyankar

Apart from the Punjabi touch, this song doesn’t have much going for it. Barely passable.

Rekkai Thulirtha: Singer – Jonita Gandhi

A simple, celebratory track that also has the title value. Jonita Gandhi is apt on the mic.

Po Urave Suite: Instrumental

Kaashif gives us an instrumental version of the second track in the album. Neat enough.

Kaatrin Mozhi Songs Review Rating: 3.25/5

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Written By: Siddarth Srinivas