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Dhikku Dhikku Sir
Oyaa Oyaa
Thakida Thakida

Serious, endurable soundtrack.

Right from the first hear, it is easy to decide that Kaashmora is more of a film-friendly OST rather than chartbuster stuff. Santosh Narayanan has held the tone of the film very clearly in his mind, and has composed serious music that should gel well with the visuals. Though he is getting a little too one-toned with his music, Kaashmora offers minutes of his brilliance peppered over it. The unpredictability of this album may well be it's USP.

Cast: Karthi, Nayanthara, Sridivya

Music: Santhosh Narayanan

Direction: Gokul

Label: Think Music 

Dhikku Dhikku Sir – Singer – Santosh Narayanan 

A slight modification to one of Santosh Narayanan’s template tune. He gets onto the mic too, resulting in a mediocre number.

Jagadhammaa: Singer – Ananthu

Light rock base with trance used at regular intervals. The song has some good turnarounds, but it’s not catchy and feels incomplete on the whole.

Oyaa Oyaa: Singer – Kalpana Raghavendar

An invigorating blend of soft instrumentals with a carnatic background. Kalpana Raghavendar’s stressed rendition is what makes this stand out. Our PICK.

Thakida Thakida: Singers – Saicharan, Santosh Narayanan

An all out powerful track which serves as a fitting intro for the lead lady. The hard rock base wonderfully sits above the vocals, for this is the only song in the album with instant hit value. Our PICK.

Kaashmora Songs Review Rating: 3/5

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Written By: Siddarth Srinivas