“Kaashmora is NO Baahubali,” reiterates Karthi and Gokul

Ahead of its Diwali release, team Kaashmora met the press yesterday and shared some interesting snippets about the project, which has been in the making for three long years.

Producer Prabhu SR, Dream Warrior Pictures

“Dream Warrior Pictures is excited about the release. It’s our 3 years of hard work. The film has come out satisfyingly well and we are looking forward to the response of audiences. A major part of the film is shouldered by actor Vivek along with Karthi with his trademark humor.”

VFX Supervisor Stalin

Nearly 2000 shots were conceived by different companies from across the globe. Technologies like Lidar Scanning and Face Scan were incorporated in the film, which has 90 mins of VFX portion.”

Rajeevan, Art Director

“We constructed 19 sets for the fantasy portion. It was our challenging part. We have done our best. Everything has come out superbly.”


“The relentless efforts of producer Prabhu by keeping the project on its toes for 3 years is commendable. This film will showcase a different dimension of Karthi. It will be an important film in his career.”

Gokul, Director

Don’t expect a Baahubali. Sathiyama apdi irkathu. We have done our best with the available resources. All fans of Vijay Sethupathi’s Idharkuthaane Aasaipattai Balakumaar will be satisfied definitely. Film has 60 percent humor portions. 


“We haven’t done any daring experiments in the film. Kaashmora is a complete entertainer with great visual splendor. I repeat again. It’s a humorous film. It is NOT Baahubali. I have no love scenes with Nayanthara in the film. She was excited about playing a princess and will look beautiful. Her portion will be the highlight of the movie.”

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