Joshua Movie Review

Varun is super impressive in this speedy action flick that shines through its stunts. Below goes our Joshua Movie Review.

Gautham Menon returns with a slick and stylish action thriller in Joshua, which has been made with the fact that it will not be a high budget film, rather it will focus more on the action sequences and the drama between the characters.

The film introduces us to Joshua, a contract killer who changes his paths to a bodyguard after he falls in love with a woman who comes across his path. The film moves at a rapid pace in the first half with the action sequences really standing out, and there is a certain amount of intrigue in the story that GVM builds. The interval action sequence is a big highlight and the stage sets up for something special in the second half. However, all is not well in the latter as the film stutters with an uninteresting storyline that forms its core. GVM’s knack of building an interesting antagonist force is lacking here again, and the film suffers from that aspect.

However, Varun does a fabulous job of delivering a strong performance in his role that has a requirement of doing many big action sequences, and his fluency in those scenes is terrific. The stunt choreography by Yannick Ben is excellent and fast paced, making it the big plus point of the film and Varun has rightly adhered to the scene’s requirements. Though he does not get much support film Raahei, the film benefits from the presence of DD who is superb in her part.

The music by Karthik is a highlight for sure, and the composer has not just delivered good songs but has opted for a unique POV for the BGM too. The cinematography and editing are functional.

On the whole, Joshua is far from GVM’s best and the director still has to pull up his socks in terms of the writing that he used to bring us in his heydays. However, it is a film that will keep action fans engaged as the stunts in it are surely worth the price of your ticket.

Verdict: An action escapade flick that delivers in terms of its fight scenes!

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