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Jilla – Movie Review

Review Overview

Vijay - Mohanlal
Stunts, Songs & BGM
Movie Plot & Run time

Big money bag commercial

Overall, Jilla is a commercial entertainer which can satisfy fans in particular. High chances to become racy if it gets trimmed in second half.

Cast : Vijay, Mohanalal, Kajal Agarwal, Soori, Sampath, Poornima Bhagyraj, Mahat and others

Music : Imman

Cinematography : Ganesh Rajavelu

Direction : Neason

Production : Super Good Films


Jilla is a commercial click and having a strong base in its casting supported by a simple story plot from Neason. Jilla is short time twister and breaks suspense scene by scene.

The movie starts in Madurai base with Mohanlal introducing himself into power by killing an existing don controlling the city. Vijay as a small boy is an orphaned after his father death who is a faithful servant of Mohanlal gets killed  by an police officer in order to save Mohanlal and his family. Then the young boy is adopted by Mohanlal and brings him up as his elder son.

Vijay grows big and hates police men because of his father’s death and he dons and rules the city with his father Mohanlal’s power. The first half of the movie carries romance, action and family emotions. Kajal pairing up with Vijay for the second time shares comedy tracks with Soori and takes less romantic portion with Vijay. Kajal Agarwal is delight in the songs especially in both romantic numbers Verasa Pogayile & Kandangi.

Soori at times with his timing helps the comedy script in the plot. Its a suspense holder for Sampath playing as a politician and a well wisher of Mohanlal family underplays Mohanlal’s trust and plans a revenge attack losing his father. Mohanlal at a point is arrested by Pradeep Rawat a honest police officer and not taking him to police station is left silently insulted in the middle of an highway and taking humiliations decides to have police power by making Vijay as an police officer, with his power and political support he also succeeds.

Vijay to support his father becomes Assistant Commissioner and certainly allows all the crimes to happen in the city. An accident happens to change Vijay’s attitude and seeing innocent people becoming victims of the fire accident decides to stop his father from all illegal activities. Vijay then posts an operation named ‘Operation Clean’ to arrest all the local rowdies in the city. Virtually Vijay turns against Mohanlal and induces his anger by Sampath to make situations stronger to take an revenge. Mohanlal gets a negative shade is influenced by Sampath’s underplay. Mahat getting a space after Mankatha is the younger son of Mohanlal gets killed by Sampath and turns the blame on Vijay. Solving the mystery putting an end to Sampath and clearing all his actions was to change Mohanlal and family is the big responsibility of the Jilla hero.

Character balancing is well made by director and he needs to highly appreciated for that. Imman’s BGM scores will be highly noticed and well appreciated. Movie needs a trim for 10-15 mins in its second half and eppo mama treat’u song is forcefully inserted. Overall, Jilla is a perfect outing with family and Paisa Vasool guaranteed!!