James Vasanthan’s request to Simbu and Anirudh

Beep Song has been the talking point on social media platforms ever since it got leaked by detractors two days back. Simbu has already made it clear that he is not answerable to anyone since the song is not officially released and not intended to be a part of any film. However, both Simbu and Anirudh have faced the wrath of music composer James Vasanthan who took to his blog to pen his thoughts.

“Simbu, the extraordinarily talented youngster doesn’t have to go this far to grab attention. And Anirudh, who has been making waves recently, with loads of projects in hand need not indulge in such work to please youngsters. He is already popular and a craze among them. These don’t have to indulge in such cheap works.

Films made for theatrical release are totally different.. cos there is a censor committee which recommends the right movie to the right age group and beyond that you make the choice to watch a film. But when you release a product in the open social network, it is for everyone to see.

There are millions of little boys and girls who are idolising you people. They look at you like their heroes. Whether you want it or not, they are also watching and listening to you. Whether you like it or not, you have a responsibility to cater to them, too. What you say and do in public has a strong impact on them. You don’t have to preach to them but do not at least corrupt them.

Please do not usher in that culture that does not exist here. If a faceless youngster does it, its different. But you guys are STARS – BIG STARS!

Do you guys honestly feel you need to do this?,” wrote James.

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