Jail Movie Review

GV Prakash shines in this middling drama about disaster resettlement. Here goes our Jail Movie Review.

Jail Movie Review

A watchable drama where GVP scores big

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Vasantabalan’s films have been engaging for the fact that director always tries to bring in something new, inducing facts that we have heard of in the locality but haven’t quite seen in real. The director tries to do the same in his latest venture Jail, which is a release for him after seven years, but unfortunately, the end result is not great as expected.

Jail narrates the story of Karna (GV Prakash), a man from the Kaveri Nagar area who is a small time thief. The film tells us his story along with that of his friends, his relationship with his mother and the other thugs in the area. How Karna gets into a muddle with the local police and whether he finds his way out of his troubles is the crux of the film.

Vasantabalan opens his film interestingly by showing us the locality, the people who live there and their occupations. As one expects the film to delve deeper into these proceedings, it turns out to be a rather usual tale that showcases the lives of the people there but does not actually give us something interesting to watch. At points, it does feel like Vasantabalan has lost the plot in the mix, as the film only has scenarios and standalone scenes presented, and does not come together as a neatly planned out narrative.

GV Prakash delivers a very good performance in the role of Karnan, playing the character with a true sense and even putting in the extra effort with the dubbing work.

The rest of the cast however, have only smaller roles to play or are very inefficient in their parts.

GVP’s music also deserves praise as he arrives with a variant mix of tracks for the film, with catchy gaana numbers and melodies that work well. The cinematography and the edits are functional.

On the whole, Jail is a passable outing that is highlighted by GV Prakash’s superb performance.  Read Jail Movie Review by Only Kollywood

Jail Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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