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Jada Movie Review

A jaded sports thriller that doesn't thrill. Here is our Jada Movie Review.

Jada is a very amateurish film from debutant director Kumaran, who takes the resources in hand to the gutters. From the outset, the film looks like an interesting ‘genre-bender’ that binds sports and horror elements together. But what comes in the end result is a film that doesn’t engage the viewer much.

Jada is based on the game of 7s football, which is projected as the most violent version of the game, hurling injuries on the players with ease. Kathir plays the titular role, as the talented player who wants to make a mark by participating in the tournament. A lot of rivalry and gangsterism ensue, in addition to Kishore’s role as Sethu, which is the heart of the storyline. However, what comes through is a very jaded film that is devoid of good writing or at least decent staging. Kumaran’s screenplay lacks clarity in terms of both the game and the horror element, making it a cumbersome watch, more so in the second half.

Kathir is quite efficient in the lead role, but the rest of the cast do not shine except for Shanmugam who is a good addition to the negative side.

Yogi Babu’s comedy is unexciting here, as it does not bring any kind of a lighter moment to the film. The plot points of the baddies are not established well either. Technically, it’s just Sam CS’ music which helps the film move forward.

Overall, Jada is a very disappointing film that does not live up to the expectations that the trailer and the other promo material created.

Verdict: Plain and prosaic

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