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Iruttu Movie Review

Watchable investigative horror thriller that comes with some fresh ideas. Below goes our Iruttu Movie Review.

Iruttu Movie Review

A fairly engaging horror thriller!

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

VZ Dhorai’s been a director who has tried out different genres in his career, and here he is again in a new space, toying around with the horror genre. At times when there is not much being done in the horror genre with the same tropes being repeated again and again, here’s a film that has a lot of interesting elements and manages to put them together in a watchable manner.

Iruttu takes off in a hilly locale that is affected by peculiar occurrences, and the entrance of the cop Chezhiyan (played by Sundar C) entering to solve things. Digging deeper into the problem after being affected personally, Sundar C uncovers some bizarre incidents that lead to the ultimate truth. Iruttu follows the usual pattern of horror thrillers in the first half, but then shifts tracks towards the interval as we are introduced to the Islamic elements in the background.

Contrary to the usual horror films that deal with Christianity and Hinduism, Iruttu works out in different fashion, as it gets interesting to know the actual reasons behind the happenings. There’s also some smartness in the way the investigation takes place, which makes the film all the more watchable until the end.

The film has neat performances from all the members of the cast, even though they could have gone with a better heroine instead of Sakshi Chaudhry. There’s also a doubt on why there are two actresses for the back story, in Dhanshika and Vimala Raman.

Iruttu’s big plus point is the technical wizardry – superb cinematography, music and sound design help the makers create the eerie and tense experience, adding to the valuable theatrical experience.

On the whole, Iruttu works fairly well as a horror thriller that stays true to the genre without many dilutions in the name of comedy or other elements. VZ Dhorai scores in yet another genre, making a good film on the whole. Iruttu Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Iruttu Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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