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Mudhal Murai
Angry Bird
Yaar Ivan

Iron in parts, slimy at others.

Irumbu Thirai works in parts, thanks to Yuvan's famous areas of strength, which he taps and gets some good out of. It doesn't fit the tag of a 125th film, but still cannot be written off. In short, middling.

Cast: Vishal, Samantha, Arjun

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Lyrics: Kaber Vasuki, Vivek, Vignesh ShivN

Direction: PS Mithran

Label: Think Music

Athiradi: Singer – Naveen

A hero-centric track that celebrates the protagonist with lyrics that work on glorification. Could have been a superb mass feast, but it stops halfway.

Mudhal Murai: Singer – Jithin Raj

The pipe sounds help this stand out, amidst a snappy base. Jithin Raj is okay with the vocals, but the song doesn’t break out of it’s comfort zone at any point.

Angry Bird: Singer – Jithin Raj

The mischievous man in Yuvan let’s him loose. Though short, this is an enjoyable song with Vignesh Shivn’s catchy lyrics chuckling you up. Our PICK.

Azhage: Singers – Arun Kamath, Jonita Gandhi

Yuvan returns to his playground, the melody space, for this lovely track that is similar to many of his earlier songs, but still works well. In particular, Jonita Gandhi gets some wonderful junctures to prove her prowess. Our PICK. 

Yaar Ivan: Singer – Kaber Vasuki

What would have worked really well as an instrumental theme gets diluted by the lazy lyrics and vocals which make it sound like a rhyme.

Irumbu Thirai Songs Review Rating: 3/5

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Written By: Siddarth Srinivas