Interview with Simbu – “I fear I will get married soon after INA’s release”

High-profile interviews don’t happen often. As journalists, the wait for such interactions is always on and my recent one with Silambarasan (aka) STR was most certainly one. After some anxious waiting at his sprawling residence in T Nagar, Simbu walked in at around 10 30 pm, fresh and raring to go. He is known to be a night person and he was most certainly fresher than the rest of us in the room. His Friday release Idhu Namma Aalu (INA) was obviously in focus, and Simbu opened up in typical candid, straight-shooting mode,

“Idhu Namma Aalu will not be a typical STR film. People may raise controversies only if it’s a typical STR film (laughs). When Pandiraj narrated the script to me, I wasn’t sure whether I would gel with him. But I was sure that it will be a superhit even with a new cast. str interview pic 1So I thought, in such a story, what would happen if stars are there ? A lot more people can relate to it. Stars like STR and Nayanthara can make a huge difference to such a film and can add more impact. That was my instinct. 

Idhu Namma Aalu is about a pair which is about to get married, and the 6 months leading to their marriage with the varied conversations that they have, to get to know each other. This has been explored in a very very detailed manner in this film, and probably for the first time too. That’s the USP of the film. Both me and Nayan are ourselves on screen and there was no need to act in a big way. Audiences can see themselves in me and Nayan. It will be very natural.

In INA, there are no heroic commercial elements, no punch dialogues and no fight
. I am confident that people can relate to it. VTV’s reach gives me that confidence now. While a classy Simbu was a shocker in VTV, INA won’t shock the audience. It is not the typical Pandiraj stuff too. In that sense, it’s a new film for all of us and a slightly risky one for me actually.”

Simbu has nothing but praise for Nayanthara, with whom he is pairing up 10 years after their first outing Vallavan,

“It is a big growth for her as an actress, that too when heroines have a limited time span to make a mark. She also had her downfall and a gap in the middle but she has bounced back strongly now. Idhu Namma Aalu will be her peak, I think.”str interview pic 2

Simbu is a proud and pleased brother while talking about his younger sibling, Kural, who has provided the music for INA,

“Kural knew my level of expectations, and kept that in mind while working on the music. He strove hard on his own and pushed his levels for my sake. I didn’t have to pester him and thankfully my burden was lessened. His re-recording will be a plus too. After the film’s release, his work’s impact will be felt. I have just taught him to swim, he has to chart his own path from now on.”

Having done a film that explores the concept of marriage in detail, is Simbu finally ready to settle down for good?

I am not convinced yet about marriage but I fear I’ll get married after INA’s release (laughs). Women would wish for a husband like my character Siva. The ‘thaali’ would be a recurring image whenever they see me. I fear that INA will lead me to marriage and that’s why I am not too happy that this film has turned out well. Who knows, in 2 to 3 months I may get married. (laughs)”

The talk naturally veered towards the big gap between Podaa Podi and Vaalu, when Simbu was bogged down by professional and personal issues. He says that the gap has made him stronger and that the coming days will be different,

str interview pic 3“During that phase, I was always confident of bouncing back to the top due to the inherent faith in my abilities. Even if no one was around to make films with me, I would have gotten down to directing a film, myself. I saw this gap positively. I can fake and pretend to people outside but I know what I am inside. I am my best judge. I have been the same all along, irrespective of highs and lows.

The coming days will be different for sure. I have left it to the audience to decide what they want to see from me. I don’t take any stress or pressure on myself and don’t have that tension to prove myself. I don’t have to drive home any point that I am going to be the next Superstar. I am here because people love me. I will go ahead, based on their verdict and what they decide. If they reject my films repeatedly, I will happily go on the spiritual route (laughs).”

Curious to know more about his spiritual ways of late, we poked him in this regard,

“I was not spiritually inclined before. During the gap, I had lots of time and started pondering over a lot of questions. About our existence, the origin of life, the source, the science of life, the creator, how the five senses work, who is directing this life and so on and so forth. I traveled along these lines and it is actually a big help for me now. I am able to handle life in a better way and can feel that change. I am not into planning my life and career, and am just doing my job.”

More from Simbu in Part 2 of this interview. Achcham Yenbathu Madamaiyada, AAA, controversies and more curious topics to come soon … Stay tuned …

Interviewed by Kaushik LM

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