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Interview with Mr.Chandramouli Director Thiru


Known for tackling new concepts time and again, director Thiru is one who has worked with Vishal thrice with Theeradha Vilayaatu Pillai, Samar and Naan Sigappu Manithan so far. Now, for the first time, the director has come out and worked with the father-son duo of actor Karthik and Gautham Karthik in Mr. Chandramouli, this week’s big release. Read on to know more about the film straight from the horse’s mouth.

The birth of the script
I have always been talking to Gautham for doing a film together. Though I didn’t write the script keeping him in mind, it was a chronicle that took place between myself, Gautham and Dhananjayan sir. I’m extremely happy that even Karthik sir has come on board and given life to the film.

Difference between Mr. Chandramouli and Thiru’s previous films
I have always been intended to do different films, with the core topic being something that has never been told in Tamil cinema. For example, if you take the case of Samar, it is bent on the same idea that the whole state is crazy about nation – Bigg Boss. Similarly, the concept of narcolepsy was a debutant in Tamil cinema through Naan Sigappu Manithan. In Mr. Chandramouli, there is a surprise element that will be revealed only when you see the film. I have connected that element with a ringing trouble that is going around these days – scams with cabs.

Working with the father-son duo
At first, I thought that Karthik sir and Gautham would have a great wavelength. But little did I know that Gautham himself doesn’t have the experience of watching his dad on the sets, as he was schooling in Ooty while his dad was busy shooting in Chennai. It was really nice to have them both on the sets together, I can easily recall close to ten unforgettable moments. For instance, Karthik sir used to come and talk to me privately about Gautham’s acting style, his mistakes and scoring points. It was beautiful to share that bond with them.

On Mr. Chandramouli’s second half, which is said to be packed with twists and turns
Yes, the second half of Mr. Chandramouli will be flushed with surprise moments one after the other. I have tried something new with the characterization of the hero, who will take a facelift post the interval. I couldn’t even take a reference from anywhere, it is totally my brainwork.

Regina and Varu – their contributions
Regina comes in as Gautham Karthik’s love interest, but she isn’t just another heroine. She plays an app developer in the film, and is a support to Gautham’s character throughout. Kudos to her for putting in an extra effort to dub for herself.
Varu’s character on the other hand, is the seed of the story. Her role is from where the whole film arises, it isn’t just a cameo appearance.

On Vikram-Vedha composer Sam CS’ contribution
Sam CS always gives huge importance for the background score, he does it carefully. Taking 35 days for the BGM, he has done a superb job there. Usually, composers finish off their work, hand over the deliverables and scoot, but Sam even sent me musical bits when I found gaps in the final stages. That was something new to notice.

On producer Dhananjayan’s involvement
I have already worked with Dhananjayan sir in Naan Sigappu Manithan. He is a producer who comes daily to the shooting spot. His style was a little tough to adapt to in the beginning, but now looking back, I find it to be a highly professional way. He has wholesomely dedicated himself to the making of this film, it’s now my turn to give it back to him.

Final word on Mr. Chandramouli
The film has a lot emotions, fun and thrills put together. I just have a request to all the reviewers and common audience, to not reveal the plot and twists once they come out of the film. It’ll be a full-fledged entertainer with Karthik sir at his best, go and enjoy.

Mr. Chandramouli hits the screens worldwide on the 6th of July, this weekend!

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