India Pakistan Songs Review

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Oru Ponna Parthein Mama
Pala Kodi Pengalilay
Naan Unnai Dhinamum Ninaikirein
Vadi Kutti Lady
India Naan Pakistan Nee

A lacklustre debut!

Deena Devarajan makes a lackluster debut with India Pakistan OST with tepid tracks, save alone 'Naan Unnai Dhinamum Ninaikirein'.

Cast: Vijay Antony, Sushma Raj, MS Bhaskar, Pasupathy, Jagan

Music: Deena Devarajan

Direction: N Anand

Production: Vijay Antony Film Corporation

  • Oru Ponna Parthein Mama – A tedious modern folk number where the only silver lining is SPB Charan’s spirited, non-chalant vocals. Not an ideal start one would expect to the album 
  • Pala Kodi Pengalilay – A passable track with Vandana Srinivasan’s sweet rendition and right support from Hemachandra and Nivas
  • Naan Unnai Dhinamum Ninaikirein – A lovely tune with stimulating violin interludes and fantastic vocals from Abhay Jodhpurkar and Swetha Mohan. Our PICK!
  • Vadi Kutti Lady – A monotous folk number with customary beats and an underwhelming composition. Lacks punch!
  • India Naan Pakistan Nee – High on pounding beats, low on the outcome. A quirky tune which fails to impress thanks to the tepid arrangement of sounds

India Pakistan Songs Review Rating: 2.25/5