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I believe in hard work, not DNA, says Kamal Haasan

Kamal Haasan introduced Kalidas, son of actor Jayaram, as the film’s lead at the movie launch of Balaji Tharaneetharan’s next film Oru Pakka Kathai. Speaking at the event, Kamal Haasan said he believes in hard work and not DNA. “Cinema is like my family. I have a lot of well-wishers and detractors, but it’s my family. I have some close relatives in my family and Jayaram is one. That’s the reason I’m here. Ithu kooda pannalana vera enna velai iruku,” said Kamal Haasan.

He also lauded Jayaram for being a great producer. “Vasan Visuals Company was producing films even before I arrived to cinema. In this function, except Balaji, everyone is a producer. Even Jayaram is a great producer. He has produced an actor in Kalidas,” said Kamal Haasan in his quintessential duality speech.

More details about Oru Pakka Kathai here

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