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Gulaebaghavali Songs Review

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Seramaal Ponaal
You're The One

Highly enthusiastic disc!

Duo composers Vivek and Mervin get back with an energetic and foot-tapping soundtrack. All the four songs sound pretty good in alternating genres. Arguably, this is great dance material for PD to free his legs on. Hit stuff!

Cast: Prabhudeva, Hansika

Music: Vivek-Mervin

Lyrics: Inno Genga, Ko. Shesha, Ku. Karthik, Pa. Vijay

Direction: Kalyan

Label: Think Music

Guleba: Singer – Anirudh, Mervin Solomon

A completely whimsical track that is extremely catchy thanks to it’s capricious hook. Anirudh does a great job in muxing the local slang with some stylized lyrics, and the result is a blockbuster song, as one of the lines itself say. Our PICK, instantly.

Seramaal Ponaal: Singers – Mervin Solomon, Sameera

Lovely song that’s really soothing to listen to. Ko Sesha’s minimalistic lyrics are basic but effective and the song could have done with another male singer, but nevertheless, the tune and arrangement helps it click. Our PICK.

Heartukulla: Singers – Nakash Aziz, Sanjana Diwakar

Exciting kuthu track that gets it’s vocals and the beats right. Nakash Aziz is turning out to be a very intriguing singer with his tone and modulations, which in turn give it an extra edge. Prabhu Deva is going to set his legs free in style. Our PICK.

You’re The One: Singer – Inno Genga

A reprise version of the second track in the album, sung by the YouTube sensation Inno Genga. With the lyrics in English, it’s not too hard for him to get his lines right and make it a pleasant listen.

Gulaebaghavali Songs Review Rating: 3.25/5

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Written By: Siddarth Srinivas