Fringe group HMK demands Kamal Haasan’s arrest for hosting Bigg Boss

Right-wing Tamil fringe group Hindu Makkal Katchi has demanded the arrest of Kamal Haasan for hosting Bigg Boss and all the contestants participating in it citing that the reality show maligns Tamil culture. 

Hitting back, Kamal Haasan, in an interview to Republic TV, said, “I do not mind being arrested to make a point. How silly this accusation is all about. I mean, should we not arrest the dance that happens around cricket? We used to celebrate cricket when there was a boundary or a sixer. And now we have ladies in short dress dancing to rejoice it. I am mistaken to be a Communist by Hindutva groups. The truth is I am a rationalist. I am willing to accept any good ideas coming from either side as long as it works along with the world logic.”

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