Five reasons to watch LOL, the joyful web series on MX Player

MX Player, who have been a giant when it comes to video players in the market, have entered the streaming space with a variety of shows across Hindi, Tamil and Telugu languages. The first set of their southern content includes their new series LOL (Lots of Love) which has gone online from the 20th of February. Available in Tamil apart from its Telugu version, the series which begins as a light-hearted comedy goes into different quarters, taking a shot at romance, relationships, misunderstandings and much more. Down below, are five reasons why you could give this new series a shot.

The colorful, fun-filled premise

LOL brings together a variety of characters under a single roof. A fashion designer trying to put together projects, her friend who is quite an introvert, a man coming from a breakup, a flirt and a geek all come as one group of friends. The series which stretches over eight episodes starts off in Chennai where the friends reside in two opposite houses, and then moves on to Goa where they go for a trip. Their lives intertwine with many relational hurdles falling in the way.

Well-known names in the cast

Shrusti Dange, who is a famous face in Tamil cinema, plays the main character of Reema here. The actress does a neat job, being honest to the role. The series also features Priya Lal of Genius fame, Ishara Nair who was seen in Sathuranga Vettai and also Arvind Krishna of It’s My Love Story (Telugu) fame.

Technical expertise at work

National award winning art director Lalgudi Ilaiyaraaja is the one who has worked on the production design for the series, doing a great job in designing the homes of the friends with contrasting colors and decor. Maya and Tamizh Padam fame Suresh is the man behind the cuts, keeping the episodes crisp and to-the-point.

Rich production values

The series features very good production values, especially in the way how the homes and Shrusti Dange’s shop have been put up. None of it is an eyesore, with its urban feel being intact throughout.

A chilled-out watch on the whole

Toting up, LOL is a good watch if you’re looking out for something light-hearted in the Tamil space. The series features a handful of good moments which will make you laugh and smile.

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