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Filmmaker Hemant Madhukar talks about Madhavan, Anushka film

The official announcement about this Madhavan-Anushka Shetty starrer untitled bilingual movie to be simultaneously made in Tamil and Telugu has created an unprompted attraction towards it. Naturally, with a league of high-profile actors, the film, which is a Silent suspense murder-mystery thriller, is proceeding in full swing now, co-produced by Kona Venkat, who has written the story and screenplay along with Gopi Mohan.

Filmmaker Hemant Madhukar shares the news saying, “It’s pretty much freezing. I am not referring to the climatic context, but what I am actually going through in my senses. To have a bunch of performers, who have already created a trenchant mark with their colossal attributes of acting across the years leaves me so much compulsive to push my bars. Especially, the being a Silent Thriller, its completely going to be the ‘Actors’ and ‘Technicians’ alone and am happy that we have found the best masters for the show. Madhavan’s pure dedication towards cherry-picking unconventional films irrespective of his roles has made him the favorite of phenomenal scripts.”

“Anushka Shetty’s expressiveness while emoting to any contexts has engraved her impeccable grade as a ‘Fabulous actress’. The role she plays in the film demanded such traits and we felt none other than her could befittingly suit it. Anjali, Shalini Pandey and Subharaju have garnered popularity beyond the linguistic barriers and boundaries for their brilliant and nuance performances,” he added.

Touted to be a silent suspense thriller, the technical team encompasses a wide range of talents that includes Gopi Sunder (Music), Bob Brown (Predators, The Wall and Transformers fame) and Shaniel Deo who offered a new visual colour in Telugu cinema through his cinematography in movies like ‘Kshanam’ and ‘Goodachari’ is cranking camera. Yanaa Rusonova (Prism, Drone Wars, The Next Big Thing fame) is the art director and Gopi Mohan has penned the script for this untitled film. To be released worldwide in at least 1500 theatres, the film is produced by Cosmos Entertainments and Kiran Studios with People Media Factory presenting it.

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