Ezhumin Movie Review

Cast: Vivek, Devayani, Prem Kumar, Cell Murugan, Azhagam Perumal, VP Viji & others

Cinematography: Gopi Jagadeeswaran

Music: Ganesh Chandrasekaran

Editing: Karthik Ram

Stunts: Miracle Michael

Story & Direction: VP Viji

Produced by: Vaiyam Medias

Run Time: 01:49:00

Release Date: 18-10-2018

Ezhumin is a watchable family drama which stresses the importance of martial arts and how to battle child abuse. The film, although a little preachy at times, manages to pass muster for the most of its duration.

When the doting son of the happy couple Vishwanathan (Vivekh) and Bharathi (Devayani) succumbs to death in a boxing match, their parents commence a coaching academy for underprivileged students and kids to flourish in martial arts. When Arjun’s close friends drop out of their coaching due to their respective families’ economic situation, Vishwanathan and Bharathi find solace in taking up their dreams and making it come alive.

The simplistic screenplay treatment works to an extent, but there are no twists and turns, which make it very predictable and mediocre at a lot of instances. It may function as a motivational drama for students, but for adults, the story-telling could have been a tad better to make it an engaging outing.

How martial arts training could be a powerful self-defense skill for kids and students is showcased beautifully in the film and full credit to the filmmaker for bringing that on screen in a straightforward narration.

Vivek excels in his role as an affectionate father and especially during the death of his son; he comes up with an affecting performance. He demonstrates the right kind of emotions as a father, who is at a loss. Cell Murugan, Vivekh’s long-standing companion, brings the roof at regular intervals and eases the mood of the audiences.

Verdict: A watchable family drama which stresses the importance of martial arts and how to battle child abuse.