Ennodu Vilayadu Songs Review

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Ennodu Nee Vilaayaadu
Kaalai Theneer
Yaarai Yaaridam
Vidiya Vidiya
Liftum Kooda
Soodhu Nadakara
Ennodu Vilaayaadu Theme

Partly compelling soundtrack.

Ennodu Vilaayaadu is a bearable outing for both composers Sudarshan M Kumar and A. Moses. The album has two very good melodies, but is stagnated otherwise with the music being mostly made from console.

Cast: Bharath, Kathir, Chandini Tamilarasan, Sanchita Shetty

Music: Sudarshan M Kumar, A. Moses

Direction: Arun Krishnaswami

Label: Muzik247 Tamil

Ennodu Nee Vilaayaadu: Singer – Naresh Iyer 

The title track here is a pretty good one, with nice vocal changeovers handled by Naresh Iyer. Adequately listenable.

Kaalai Theneer: Singers – Gowri Lekshmi, Haricharan 

Lilting melody influenced by the western slow ballads. Haricharan comes in only a little later, but his verses are the best up in the song. The dual layered orchestration is what makes this our PICK.

Yaarai Yaaridam: Singers – Swetha Mohan, Sudarshan M Kumar 

Swetha Mohan is the linchpin of this beautiful slow-mo track. The lyrics too, complement the easy going music very well. With simple interludes, here’s our second PICK.

Vidiya Vidiya: Singers – Vijay Prakash, B Mac 

Though this is something different, it doesn’t have the x-factor to help the tune sit in your head. Somewhere-on-the-wall song.

Liftum Kooda: Singer – Deepak, B Mac 

Standard light dubstep mix that you find in almost every album these days. The good thing – it’s short.

Soodhu Nadakara: Singer – Sudarshan M Kumar 

Despite Arunraja Kamaraj’s catchy lyrics, this is very underwhelming pump-up track, to say the least.

Ennakanavaa: Singer – Haricharan 

A solo version of the second song in the album, with just Haricharan’s vocals this time. Easy on the ears and somewhat replicates the effect of the counterpart.

Ennodu Vilaayaadu Theme: Instrumental 

Basic theme track aiming at the tense sequences in the film. Should hopefully raise excitement with the visuals.

Ennodu Vilayadu Songs Review Rating: 2.75/5

Written By: Siddarth Srinivas