Election Movie Review

Vijay Kumar does a fine job in this moderately engaging political drama. Down goes our Election Movie Review.

After his impactful debut in Sethumaan, director Thamizh takes a commercial route and enlarges his lens further with his second directorial outing in Election. Is the film as striking as his first? Let’s see.

Election completely puts the focus on the local body elections that take place in our state, and how a man who is not interested in politics changes his thoughts and comes into the picture to contest for his name. The film starts off in a lethargic manner with a weak love track, but slowly shifts gears when it starts to add more meaning to the title. The film carries itself nicely until the interval point, but from thereon, the feeling of a regular template starts to set in and never really peaks the potential that it had in hand for such a film. The characterization of the villain character works against the film, and had something interesting been arced there, it would have catapulted into a special film.

Vijay Kumar has done adequately well in his part, and there is a certain way in which he carries through his role in the film. The film also has a good support cast – Pavel Navagethan has a full fledged strong role, and Preethi Asrani does justice to her character again after Ayothi. While George Maryam is expectedly good, the rest of the characters could have been fleshed out in a better way.

Technically, Election is fine and there is not much to say about Govind Vasantha’s work except for two good songs.

Toting up, Election is a middling drama that could have presented something more special.

Verdict: A decent political drama that could have been better! 

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