Director Ram speaks about his experience of writing Tamil dialogues for Mamangam

Mammootty’s magnum opus Mamangam is ready for a worldwide release on the 12th of December. The Malayalam biggie will have release in multiple languages including Tamil, narrating the story of the Mamangam festival which took place amidst warriors from all parts of the country.

Director Ram, who has written dialogues for the Tamil version said, “Much alike Indravizha festival we came across in the book of Silapathigaaram, this one too is based on the festival that happens in Kerala from the ancient times. The land soon became a victim of war and it is about a wondering history of 3 warriors who come across the river to wage war against mammoth Herculeans. I wouldn’t say that it’s a Malayalam movie, but it’s an original Tamil film as Chera Kingdom was also a part of Tamil Nadu during the ancient times. When I was approached for the role of penning dialogues, I couldn’t say no. The entire process of working in Mamangam was a phenomenal experience.”

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