Devarattam Movie Review

Cast: Gautham Karthik, Manjima Mohan, Soori, Bose Venkat, Vinodhini, Vela Ramamoorthy, Fefsi Vijayan and others

Cinematographer: Sakthi Saravanan ; Music: Nivas K Prasanna ; Editing: Praveen KL ; Art Director: Veeramani ;

Stunts: Dhilip Subbarayan ; Written & Directed by: Muthaiya ; Produced by: Studio Green, Abi & Abi Pictures ;

Release via: Sakthi Film Factory ; Release Date: 01-05-2019 ; Run Time: 02:10:00

Being a director who strongly believes in his sentiments, Muthaiya comes out with yet another outing in Devarattam which plays to the gallery using the same elements from his earlier films. The film takes a path well-known throughout, staying away from any novelty and only sticking to the basics which the masses would comprehend at ease. The strength of Devarattam mainly lies with its hero Gautham Karthik, who lightens up the film with his amazing energy and highly convincing stunt skills.

For starters, Devarattam is a film that has tons of action and blood. In the first half, the film gets an action sequence every 15 minutes, with Gautham Karthik’s character being established as an angry young man who just cannot stand still when he sees wrongdoers around him. The actor takes these fight scenes by the horn, and gives it his best by bringing out the intensity through his facial expressions. It’s only in the second half that the film turns into a regular revenge drama with some over the top sequences and an emotional overdrive. Despite Gautham Karthik’s performance moving forward in good fashion, the film slithers in quality because of the predictability.

Apart from Gautham Karthik’s impressive performance, two other stronghold actors are Vinodhini and Bose Venkat, who own good roles and play it well. Manjima Mohan is adequate in a role that is more mellowed than lively. The rest of the supporting cast including the family members and the one-toned villains do their bits well. Soori’s comedy works in parts.

Nivas Prasanna gets a great opportunity to change tracks from his usual style of music, and he grabs it with both hands and brings out some really good music. Apart from the enjoyable songs such as Madura Palapalakkudhu and Pasappukkalli, there are a lot of rousing background cues as well. Good outing for him overall. Otherwise, it’s a technically neat film with a special mention to Dhilip Subbarayan’s powerful stunt work.

Overall, Devarattam is a passable rural drama that could have been so much more, but opts for the usuals. Gautham Karthik’s rich presence and the music make it worth a watch.

Verdict: Reasonably engaging rural drama. 

Written By: Siddarth Srinivas

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