Dejavu Tamil Movie Review

Arulnithi and Arvindh come to the fore with a neat and likable thriller. Here goes our Dejavu Tamil Movie Review.

Dejavu Tamil Movie Review

A crisp and engaging investigative thriller.

Story & Narration
Technical Aspects & Music

Debutant director Arvindh Srinivasan’s Dejavu is an interesting murder mystery that keeps the ball rolling throughout and packs in some cool twists and turns. The film has a small fantasy angle to it, and explores it quite well and does a fine job with a minimalistic screenplay akin to the Malayalam thrillers we have seen in the recent past.

Dejavu is based on the story of how things go crazy a when a writer Subramani continues to pen his novel, which notes down all the incidents that take place in real life. As the police are clueless and the DGP’s daughter being kidnapped escalates things, an undercover cop Vikram (Arulnithi) walks into the scenes and dives deeper into the case. Dejavu has a very interesting first half, which has a crisp screenplay. In the second half, the film starts to deviate from the platform it has created for itself, and moves ahead only at a watchable pace, only to be picked up by the final stretch that has a couple of good reveals.

Arulnithi delivers another convincing performance in the film, playing the undercover cop. There is a lot to like in how the actor has worked on his dubbing which is sharp in this film, he shows a very good contrast to his earlier film in D Block.

The film also has fine performances from Achyuth Kumar and Kaali Venkat, but Madhoo does not come good in her role. Ragav Vijay who plays a supporting character in the second half, has done fine.

Ghibran sticks to a singular theme in the film, that augurs well on the whole. The rest of the technicalities are functional and the film itself is shot on a minimalistic scale that actually works well for it.

On the whole, Dejavu is a watchable thriller that keeps us glued to the screen with its proceedings though it does not have any great shakes. Arulnithi once again proves that he can pick good scripts, and Arvindh Srinivasan punches a neat debut with this one.  Dejavu Movie Review by Siddarth Srinivas

Dejavu Tamil Movie Review Rating: 3/5

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